Medical Tattooing In Clapham London

The cutting edge medical tattooing techniques at Anesis are perfect to diminish, improve and disguise scarring from surgery, injury, trauma and illness. Medical tattooing helps you to recover physically as well as psychologically by restoring your self esteem and self confidence.

Our Medical Tattooing specialist Harriet from our partner Medicos is able to deliver complex tattooing treatments to remove signs of scarring and disfigurement on a semi-permanent basis.

N.A.C. – Nipple Areola Complex Tattooing and Breast Reduction Scars

Breast reductions, reconstrauctions or mastectomies can leave an areola/nipple missing or at least damaged in some way. Over a series of sessions, our Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) Tattooing and Breast Reduction Scar procedures can create an areola/nipple and even give the ‘illusion of protrusion’.

Breast reconstructions also leave scars, which will fade with time – but we can help speed up the process. Areola re-colouration is a multi-procedure whereby the specialist will layer colour to match an existing areola or create colour.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Skin Grafts and Burns

Skin grafts are most often required after a serious accident by fire or intense heat, resulting in a significant loss of skin. This skin loss leaves the body open to infection from bacteria and other such nasties. These areas of skin loss will require a skin graft in order to replace the skin and keep your body free from disease.

By working from the centre of a graft or burn towards the outside edges, adding carefully matched coloured pigments, a mosaic effect is tattooed into the skin in a random action to create the most natural looking effects possible. Work on skin grafts and burns are multi-treatment. Sometimes MCA (dry needling) can be more effective than introducing colour.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Scar Treatment

Scars are usually a result caused by an accident whereby the skin has been broken. Scars can also be caused by surgery, sometimes leaving large white scars on your body. We use a technique called (MCA). This scar treatment is used to help camouflage scars and is performed over a number of sessions.

The MCA technique is the most preferred method of camouflage in the first instance, as if colour reappears naturally the scar will tan in the sun and pale in the winter alongside the patients normal skin. If MCA is unsuccessful then colour can be tattooed in reducing the white-scar look.

Scar camouflage is a multi-treatment procedure.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Scalp Camouflage and Stubble

Many people have parts of their body where hair just simply will not grow. These scalp camouflage procedures are designed to work on smaller areas rather than large. The scalp camouflage/stubble uses a process of adding pigment to the affected areas in order to replicate the existence of hair. Scalp camouflage is not suitable for larger areas or for male pattern baldness.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Cleft Lip

Using a number of different treatments, it is possible to give you a better, more natural looking shape to your lips. Our treatments involve micro pigmentation and in some cases MCA (dry needling). By repositioning the illusion of the cupids bow to the centre of the lips a dramatic change can be seen immediately after procedure, which can be worked upon creating full and shaped lips. Sometimes the scar above the lips needs to be worked first by MCA (dry needling). This action can flatten and soften the scar making the creation of the cupids bow more successful.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic form of de-pigmentation and is frequently found on the hands and face of sufferers. Treatment for vitiligo involves colour tattooing to match closely the colour of the skin but it is recommended that before this treatment is carried out that the vitiligo has remained static for at least 7 years or the treatment may cause the Vitiligo to spread.

An outbreak can always happen so careful consideration must be taken before a patient embarks on a micro pigmentation procedure.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a result of the skin rapidly shrinking, most commonly brought on by weight loss and after pregnancy. We use a treatment of MCA (dry needling) after which, the stretch mark will once again be able to absorb sunlight. This is a multi-session treatment.

Stretch mark treatments are multi-visit.

Semi-Permanent Make-up for Tattoo Pigment Lightening or Removal

Sometimes there comes a point when that tattoo is no longer wanted. Pigment Lightning/Removal is a multi-session treatment that involves a remover’s solution in order to significantly lighten the existing pigment.

It has limited success on regular tattoos and is offered on a per session price. No guarantees are made but usually if the pigment is not eventually removed it will be greatly lightened.


All appointments £150 per area, per session.

“Because of my poor eyesight I was unable to put eyeliner on through my glasses. Now thanks to my semi permanent eyeliner my eyes can be defined at all times” – Kirsty, Surrey

“I suffer from alopecia totalis. I used to fear my eyebrows would smudge off when taking my kids to the swimming pool. Now wi th my new hair stroke eyebrows I”ve never looked back” – Nikki, London

“I was considering having a hair transplant due to balding but thanks to my scalp camouflage treatment at Medicos London I need not go under the knife” – Paul, Leeds

“Having had a mastectomy I was very conscious when undressing in front of others. Since having my areola’s tattooed It has given me a new found confidence and I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation” – Elaine, Sussex